Arrival Instructions

Arrival by car/bicycle 

Directions to parking begin at the address Huopalahdentie 22, Helsinki, from the intersection of Huopalahdentie and Ulvilantie Coordinates – 60.206738, 24.878713. It is a 1.2 km distance from the signage to parking. The route is marked in the attached map. There will be an orienteering flag as a signpost at the intersection of Huopalahdentie and Ulvilantie.

It is absolutely mandatory to follow the driving route.


At the address Taiteentekijäntie 4, Helsinki, where it is 1200 m to the arena and there is also guidance to the morning starts/quarantine, approximately 200 m away. Parking opens at 7:30 AM. One must not drive to the parking area before that time.

Arrival by public transport 

For those arriving by public transport, directions/signage to the arena start at Laajalahdenaukio, Helsinki, which is accessible by bus 500 or tram 4. The distance from the marked public transport stops on the map to the arena is 1200 m.

One must not travel on bus 500 beyond the Laajalahdenaukio stop. The walking route to the arena must be followed without exception.

Visiting Munkkivuori shopping center

Visiting Munkkivuori shopping center is allowed on competition day with following exceptions:

  • You must use the route marked on the map. Route is not marked in terrain.
  • Route is allowed from 10:20 onwards.
  • Route may cross with competitors running their race or going from quarantine to start. In these cases communicating with the competitors is not allowed.